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WHY NOT is a young organization that aims to improve the social standing of children, between 5 and 21 years, with a physical or mental disability within the community in Kenya. It is based in Kisauni, Mombasa and it is founded by three Dutch fellow students with some volunteering experience and enthusiasm about disabled children in Kenya. At the moment WHY NOT is assisting children with disabilities or special needs and their families along the Kenyan coast. WHY NOT tries to give them new skills, create new chances and more acceptation from the communities they live in through education. They have been supporting 150 families that live under the poverty line at the moment. Together with schools in the area and involved parents from the projects WHY NOT has managed to launch a micro finance project, to help the families become more independent financially. WHY NOT provides medical help if needed and for example walking aids. Every holiday WHY NOT also organizes a field trip for the children. WHY NOT is personally involved with all families and does home visits and organized weekly meetings where parents can give an update or just talk to the other parents, assistance and physiotherapy is given.

WHY NOT started the following projects for children with disabilities in the age of 5-21 years and their families:

The sponsor programme, which helps children with disabilities from the area of Utange (Kisauni district, Mombasa) go to a suitable school or training. At the moment WHY NOT is sponsoring 77 children in schools.

Sophy's shop, a shop run by a 19 year old girl with a disability. She sews the uniforms for all the children in the sponsor program and makes other gifts and bags for sales. She is providing her services of fixing and designing clothes to the community.

Medical help, a lot of children in WHY NOT’s project suffer from chronic conditions like asthma or epilepsy. WHY NOT assists them when they have been hospitalized or need (monthly) medication that is disability related. If there is a need for a mobility aid or corrective operation, WHY NOT looks at the possibilities per case for help. A Kenyan paediatrician has been assisting in this matter.

The micro finance program, which will help the parents or older disabled children starting their own business and create a better financial situation at home by joining one of our 5 saving groups.

Intervention program, for children under 5 years old WHY NOT registers them and offers them physiotherapy. They get a referral to different health institutions or partner organizations if needed and there is the possibility for parents of joining the micro finance program and other educational events.

Other services: speech therapy, weekly physio/ occupational therapy, home visits, follow-ups at schools or doctor, basic school packages, assistance and advice in other matters like identity card or National Health Insurance Fund registration.

WHY NOT is launching a new project soon:

Schoolprojects, a lot of the schools that WHY NOY is working with need help. Some schools don't even have their own class room for the special needs children, others want to start an income generating activity but don't have the capitol to start. WHY NOT tries to assist the schools.

You can read more about WHY NOT on their website

Kenya Xperience! is looking for volunteers who would like to assist WHY NOT in the following areas:

  • Design and implement an educational programme for parents (about disabilities in general, including a pictogramme course)
  • Organizing a field trip or another activity
  • Create a book with introductions about the children and families in the projects
  • Support the micro finance programme
  • Assisting or teaching at the special units/schools (class assistant, speech therapy, physiotherapy or nursing)

You can fill the registration of interest form when you are interested to volunteer for WHY NOT. Contact Kenya Xperience! for more information.

Accommodation is available in Mtwapa (about 900-2000 shilling per person per night for a single room, 1000 – 3000 for a double room) or a guesthouse at another project.


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Jethro Arts Everything was great and arranged perfectly and professionally. The contact by mail before we travelled to Kenya was clear and easy. The pick up from the airport was without any problems. The introduction day in Kilifi was great as well. Still thanks to Everlyn and the student who has learned us (a couple of words) Swahili. Special thanks to Cocky for her commitment and everything she has done for us. We like to do voluntary work with Kenya Xperience! again.
Jurriaan Wesselink Ik (heb) veel gezien, gedaan en, onbewust, veel geleerd. Het was echt top en ik weet niet hoe ik kan zeggen hoe ik de organisatie kan bedanken, zonder deze  organisatie was het niet zo gelukt! Echt top. Dit nemen ze me nooit meer af.
Elize van Dalsen My experience with Kenya Xperience! could not have been better.





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