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Coast High Kicks Taekwondo Multi Sports Academy


Coast High Kicks Taekwondo Multi Sports Academy is a sports programme that was found by Kalele Kahindi, a Kenyan taekwondo professional.

His main center is located at Shariani, Coast Province, Kenya where Kalele trains young village children and Kenyan internationals in taekwondo. He also gives aerobics and fitness training to community members in Shariani. The top taekwondo athletes, who are trainers, are living, working and practicing at the center, they visit fifteen schools in Kilifi County where they train more than 300 youth in taekwondo. This is a way to increase the popularity of the sport, to nurture talents and, for the trainers to sustain themselves.

The programme has also expanded to other parts of Kenya and even Tanzania and Uganda.

 Coast High Kicks has its own hall. The facilities are basic and limitied. It is an ambitious club situated in a rural area where poverty is rampant. The Athletes, Trainers and Coaches are Kenyan professionals, but they rely on what the little Coast High Kicks can give them. Despite this, Coast High Kicks is a vibrant organization in a rural area that, however, aims high. It organizes different sports activities, clinics, seminars, graduations, joint trainings, camps and tournaments.

Coast High Kicks is interested in working with Kenya Xperience! Volunteers.

Volunteers can:

  • Give first aid training
  • Teach anatomy, nutrition etc
  • Prepare players for sport events
  • Give technical training in martial arts
  • Give aerobics, bodybuilding or other fitness training
  • Work with the founder/director in the area of sports management
  • Build a website.
  • Give drama/dancing classes to the local community.
  • Give Tae-bo training  (Total Body Transformation Training).
  • Triathlon – (Swim, Bike and Run), duathlon – (run, bike and run),                            aquathlon – (swim, run and swim).

Accommodation: home stay (800 shilling p.p.p.d with a family in Shariani), accommodation in Kilifi (plus 150 shilling travel costs to Shariani per day, see the accommodation under Girlsworld, Upendo, Kenya Malezi, Gosana) or in Mtwapa (plus 150 shilling travel costs to Shariani per day, see the accommodation under APDK). Kuruwitu Beach Cottages (3600 per person per night, including breakfast), see In the near future you can also stay in a room in the center.

Are you interested to volunteer in Coast High Kicks Taekwondo Multi Sports Academy? Contact us or fill the registration of interest form.


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Jethro Arts Everything was great and arranged perfectly and professionally. The contact by mail before we travelled to Kenya was clear and easy. The pick up from the airport was without any problems. The introduction day in Kilifi was great as well. Still thanks to Everlyn and the student who has learned us (a couple of words) Swahili. Special thanks to Cocky for her commitment and everything she has done for us. We like to do voluntary work with Kenya Xperience! again.
Jurriaan Wesselink Ik (heb) veel gezien, gedaan en, onbewust, veel geleerd. Het was echt top en ik weet niet hoe ik kan zeggen hoe ik de organisatie kan bedanken, zonder deze  organisatie was het niet zo gelukt! Echt top. Dit nemen ze me nooit meer af.
Elize van Dalsen My experience with Kenya Xperience! could not have been better.





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