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Who can volunteer?

Everybody can be a volunteer!

o    Are you 18 years or older and do you want to volunteer alone or in a group?
o    Do you have professional skills or no professional skills but are you open minded and flexible?
o    Are you a student, adult or retired?
o    Are you a family with children from 9 years old?

Become a Kenya Xperience! volunteer!

For most of the volunteer experiences you don’t need to have specific skills: an open mind, social skills and enthusiasm is enough to assist in some of the projects. For other volunteer opportunities you need professional skills. If you can’t find where you’re looking for, please contact us. We can look for opportunities for you in our network.

Most important in your Kenya Xperience! is that you approach your volunteer experience with an open mind and flexible attitude and that you use your skills, enthusiasm and experiences to assist the projects and learn from them in return.
Kenya Xperience! believes that projects can learn from volunteers and volunteers from the projects.


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Jethro Arts Everything was great and arranged perfectly and professionally. The contact by mail before we travelled to Kenya was clear and easy. The pick up from the airport was without any problems. The introduction day in Kilifi was great as well. Still thanks to Everlyn and the student who has learned us (a couple of words) Swahili. Special thanks to Cocky for her commitment and everything she has done for us. We like to do voluntary work with Kenya Xperience! again.
Jurriaan Wesselink Ik (heb) veel gezien, gedaan en, onbewust, veel geleerd. Het was echt top en ik weet niet hoe ik kan zeggen hoe ik de organisatie kan bedanken, zonder deze  organisatie was het niet zo gelukt! Echt top. Dit nemen ze me nooit meer af.
Elize van Dalsen My experience with Kenya Xperience! could not have been better.





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